Baby Number 3 On the Way for Colleen and Wayne Rooney!

Is it me, or is everyone having babies, announcing pregnancies, or in the midst of being pregnant at the moment?

Coleen Rooney is the latest celebrity to declaring their happy news via the universally preferred method of twitter. Seemingly she is due in January - which seems like a million miles away, but it'll be upon us before we know it, hah?!

Wayne added...


With two boys already added to their brood, one can only assume that they'd like to mix things up with a girl this time around - that and she said in a 2013 HELLO! interview: "I'd probably like another one, not too soon... I think a girl would complete the family, but because the boys get on so well, another boy would be just as nice. But at the moment, life's good. It's busy but I'm enjoying it."

It's about to get a whole lot busier, missus!

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