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At last she can wear high heels again

WHEN the shocking news broke that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes had split the paparazzi went into overdrive:  this is the story of the century.

But only we have it. Besieged by press, Katie escaped to Ireland and granted her one and only interview to us here at Howaya! to tell the real story.

Karen Mulreid caught up with Katie in the plush Red Cow Hotel.


KATIE Holmes looks thin and fragile as she huddles in a leather armchair in the lobby of the Red Cow Hotel, her normally shiny hair lank and greasy.  Her eyes are dark hollows of pain and she can barely manage a greeting.

Howaya! : Hi Katie, how are you feeling?

Katie: Just, you know, lost. I can’t believe this is happening.

H!: That’s understandable. Take us back a bit Katie; tell us about meeting Tom for the first time?

K: Well it was Tom Cruise you know? I had his poster on my wall when I was a kid. We went for a motorcycle ride, I was so swept away by him, it was wonderful.

H!: The relationship continued and eventually you married, tell us about that?

[Katie’s eyes glisten with unshed tears and she twists a hanky in her hands as she relives it] Yeah, I loved him very much, it was the best day of my life. I just can’t believe this is happening, that it’s over.

H!: You were the one who filed for divorce Katie, can you tell us why? What happened?

K: I don’t think I can. It’s too mortifying. It’s shameful. I’m horrified.


H!: Was it the ego Katie? The unrelenting Tom Cruise ego?

K: No, that wasn’t it. I could have put up with that.

H! The Scientology then? That’s mad stuff altogether. Was it the freak alien cult he forced you to join?

K: No, if it was just that we could have come through it. The Scientology wasn’t the worst of it.

H!: He made you act out scenes from Top Gun with him, didn’t he Katie?

K: Well, yeah, he did, we had a Top Gun night every Saturday, I was always Goose, but no, that’s not why I filed for divorce, if it was only that it wouldn’t have been so bad.

H!: What was it then Katie? You can trust us.

K: It was, well, I found a video. Of Tom.

H!: A video? What sort of video? Was he with another ... person?

K: Well, yes, in a way. There was someone else in the video. A woman. [Katie breaks off sobbing]

H!: Who was it Katie? Who was the woman in the video?

[Katie sobs harder, holding her face in her hands as she struggles for control] It was... it was... *hegggg* ... Oprah. He was in the video with Oprah. JUMPING ON THE FUCKING COUCH! Up and down like an IDIOT. Talking about me while jumping up and down like a... a... baboon! I was so embarrassed. I mean the ego, the crazy cult, the control freakery, I could put up with all of that, but this? How could any woman put up with this?

H!: Erm Katie, are you telling us you’d never seen that video before?

K: Yes, Tom banned me from the Internet, he told me that people were saying mean things about me and I was better off not reading them. I believed him.  He disabled the Net in our house and wouldn’t let me have an iPhone. But last week I found my assistant’s phone and just couldn’t resist. I logged on to the Net and there it was. How could I have stayed with him after seeing that video? How? How could any sane woman stay with a man after he made a show of her like that? I had to get out. I simply had to. If only I had seen that video before the wedding, it would all have been so different...

Katie leaves then, inconsolable and hoping the world will understand.


She never saw the video. And that explains that.

Howaya! – always first with the news.

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