Bride sues videographer after wedding video footage of her drunk groom goes viral

When your wedding video is more about the views than the vows

Brides spend hours researching who should take their wedding video and photos. They debate the virtues of biscuit cake versus the faction fight favourite of rock hard fruit cake.

It seems that all the preparation is in the lead up to the wedding and that it should be plain marital sailing. But one bride from San Francisco isn't having such a great start.

She is suing her videographer after footage was uploaded to YouTube showing her 28-sheets-to-the-wind-husband trying to remove her garter belt and then ending up falling on top of her. Neither she nor the groom realised it was on YouTube until it had amassed millions of views. The clip has since been removed.

Here's the central issue: who owns the rights to the footage? Is it the couple who hired the videographer or the videographer him/herself? And it begs the question, should you insist that the rights to the footage is specified in your contract with those you hire on your wedding day?


In the meantime, the case of the plaintiff (known only as Jane Doe to protect her identity) continues.

I bet she'd throw some of that rock hard fruit cake at the videographer now, first anniversary be damned.

You can check out the NBC report below

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