B*Witched sing B*Witched at Keavy's wedding

It goes without saying that you can't have an Irish wedding without B*Witched's C'Est La Vie getting a blast at some stage during the night.

It's a floor-filler, guaranteed to have everyone out of the chairs and hurling themselves across the room with Irish dancing and high-leg kicks. So what happens when you're actually a member of B*Witched and that song comes on? Do you play it down?

No, you get up and actually sing that fecker like your very life depended on it - because that's exactly what happened when B*Witched member Keavy Lynch tied the knot over the weekend.

Joined by two members of the group, Lynch belted out C'Est La Vie like it was 1998 all over again.

Take a look.


In case you were wondering why the fourth member wasn't invited, you're wrong, she was! And Keavy's Twitter profile proves it.

Keavy's dress was gorgeous, don't you think? Her bandmate, twin sister and Maid of Honour Edele posted this sweet pic.

#❤️ #wedding #twins #bride #maidofhonor

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