Celebrity style crushes: My current top four faves. Who are yours?

Over the weekend, I was asked what celebrity's style I rate. “Alexa Chung?” offered someone, whereupon I engaged my mouth in uttering an opinion that involved the word “overrated” before my brain had copped either the hopeful intonation in my questioner's voice or the fact that she was wearing a dress with a Peter Pan collar.

That's kinda hard to come back from.

It got me thinking about celebs whose style I do admire, though. Here's who's on my radar right now...


I can't bear scripted reality shows like Made In Chelsea, but I'd nearly watch it on mute just to see what the Quality Street heiress is wearing. Nearly.


While every interview I read or hear with her sets my teeth on edge a little since she's so hell bent on projecting her personal brand at all times, I am a big fan of her threads. It's rare for me to spot Olivia Palermo in something that I wouldn't like to change into immediately.



The former editor of Russian Harper's Bazaar, Mira is one quarter of a gaggle of fashionistas that has been branded “the new Russian mafia.” As a fellow shortarse, I really enjoy seeing how this petite lady works her eclectic, often larger-than-life wardrobe choices without ever looking swamped.


Technically I should give the style kudos on this one to super stylist Petra Flannery, who is behind the star's amazing red carpet and public appearance get ups, but I love that Stone never actually seems overly styled and everything she wears looks like an extension of her personality.

There's no doubt that I gravitate towards celebs whose aesthetic is broadly in line with my own - I'd love to know if you do the same? And whose style are you crushing on right now?


Images via Millie Mackintosh's Style Diary // Denim Blog; Retro Flame; Stockholm Streetstyle // Silhouetted SkylineChasing VeilsBe Lighter // Love & Glamour; Just JaredCoco's Tea Party

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