Chris Martin and Kylie Minogue are a thing?!

Before you ask, yes, Kylie is wearing heels for her late night London stroll with Chris Martin. Had she not, she would've been up to his naval.

Here they are, in the wee hours of Sunday arm in arm, walking the streets of London.

She obviously needed to blow off some steam post her Hyde Park gig... Sharing the stage with dancers hobbling around on pink crutches can really get the blood pumping.


Since the rumour mill started furiously churning, Kylie's spokesperson had this to offer: "“They have been friends for years and Chris came to see Kylie’s show. That’s it! They are definitely not dating.” Possibly music to Jennifer Lawrence's ears, who knows.

Celebrity life is just like Soaplife - men and women are just not allowed have platonic relationships. Do your platonic relationships involve arm linking during walks?

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