Christmas Day Pyjamas, jumpers, casual outfits. What will you be wearing to open those presents?

New jammies for Christmas Day?  Of course!  It's one of the best things about Christmas Day - changing into your brand new Christmas PJs to charge down the stairs, put on the fry and start ripping open the wrapping paper!

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If you are at home with just your family all day, then lucky you. Wear your most comfortable elasticated outfit - no accessories and definitely no belts! Some people chill in their pjs all day and I say go for it. Whatever you wear you want to be comfortable and not worry about your jeans being too tight when you veg out in front of the TV - after all, you've spent half the day eating.  And everyone knows calories don't count on Christmas day - right?  Er, yes.

PYJAMA PARTY: If you are going to wear pjs - get a new pair. They don’t have to be expensive but don’t buy something too synthetic that will get smelly or start to get static cling around your belly. And don’t wear them the night before – shower and change into them on the day!


Now you can get that same comfort from clothes if you want.  I could't wear pjs all day but if I was home alone, I 'd wear leggings or tights or a short skirt and a t-shirt and a chunky cardigan with slipper boots.



The Christmas jumper has had a style refresh so you could go for a fun one with jeans, leggings or jeggings and boots. Comfy and festive!

Now if you like to get glammed up on Christmas day I've got a post on that coming up.  And check the Fashion category to find lots of info on sparkly and glam going out dresses for all those Christmas parties.

So have you already got your Christmas jamas?  Tell us in the comments!




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