David Beckham Talks Retirement and Being Disowned By His Kids

It doesn't matter who your parents are, or what they do, they're still a constant source of mortification. Still, when you're a world famous footballer/underwear purveyor you get to go on television and embarrass them even further.

As antics go, it's not that surprising that 12-year-old Romeo and 15-year-old Brooklyn are dodging kisses at the school gates or asking to be dropped around the corner (of four separate schools; how's that for planning...) What's most worrying is that three year old Harper Beckham thinks her dad David Beckham is "so chubby". Ah, lads. Now, that needs to be nipped in the bud immediately...

If David Beckham is your embarrassing parent, then you don't know how good you have it.


And if you've got a cringeworthy story, you know that we'd just LOVE to hear it. Trust us, we have lots to share. But you first….

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