EastEnders's upcoming storyline is 'game changing' and never done before

The soaps are constantly trying to outdo each other and these days they are going to more and more extraordinary lengths to stand out from the pack, between Emmerdale's insane car crash last year and of course the never-ending Katy storyline in Fair City.

EastEnders are also planning on upping their game shortly and promising to do something no other soap has done before. Boss Sean O'Connor has said that he has a "massively ambitious" storyline on the way.

"What we are planning will be electric – but I'm not going to say how", he told Metro. "It will involve all of the main characters – both new and legacy characters, nobody has been left out. We're all very excited about it."

Sean continued: "No show has ever attempted what we're planning to do in the next few months. It's massively ambitious – and crucially – it's something that only EastEnders would or could do.

"And that's the challenge I keep making to the writers; we need to tell stories that only EastEnders could do. I love our brother and sister shows and they do what they do brilliantly. But we do something different."


He went on to say: "Over the next few months, I guess what I'm promising is an extraordinary ride – I am genuinely excited.

"It's crazily ambitious – we're pulling out all the stops to make it happen. Certainly for EastEnders, it'll be game-changing. But I can't say more than that!"

Interesting... our eyes are on all this drama with the ownership of the Queen Vic and Max's revenge, but you never know what those lot at EastEnders have up their sleeves.

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