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"Liver legs!" proclaimed gregarious aromatherapist Eve Taylor as she squeezed my porky knees. What on earth was she on about? Well basically, Eve was employing her Systems of Analysis technique, by which she could tell from casting her seasoned eye across my stunning physique that I could do with loosing a stone or three, and that most of my weight collects on my lower body. Yes, I am large of arse, and my pear shape is associated with the liver in her system - so she correctly surmised that I might have a smidge of cellulite, too.

True, but she didn't need to be a genius to work it out, eyes were the only thing required for that.  Systems of Analysis hadn't really managed to impress me yet, until she sized me up again, looked carefully at my features and said, "migraines?" "Yes!", came my surprised reply and then she proceeded to tell me a few other things that she wouldn't have been able to divine based purely on the questions she was asking. OK, she had me now.


Despite also telling me my livery body type doesn't get on with white wine, coffee and dairy (the three cornerstones of my diet, to be truthful), she'd won me over with her sensible observations and good advice, and we proceeded to have a gander at her products.  The founder of the Institute of Clinical Aromatherapy, this lady is a pioneer. 1968 saw her launch the first professional aromatherapy skin care line containing only pure natural essential oils, and she hasn't looked back.

Today her range consists of a range of essential-oil based skin and body care for all issues, as well as candles and home fragrances. Oh, so they must be wildly expensive in that case, yeah? Surprisingly, no. I'm currently burning a relaxing lavender candle, which retails for €17.50 - a bloody good price for a product of its quality (100% plant wax and essential oils), if you ask me.

Find Eve Taylor treatments and products at Nue Blue Eriu now.

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