Feathery Fashion: Kate Moss Wears Big Bird's Pyjamas for a Night on the Town

Considering the rest of the guests (apart from Grace Jones, she always looks like that), I don't think it was fancy dress... So why does Kate resemble a 1940s showgirl on her way to the sleeping compartment on The Orient Express after a night out at The Blue Oyster Club?

It looks even barmier from the back, on account of the stilettos and the flamingo she's carting around on her shoulders.


What makes her outfit choice more puzzling to the uneducated (I'm sure it's some vintage couture piece someone famous wore once - like David Bowie during the video for Ashes to Ashes, for instance) is that she was attending the after party for A String of Naked Light Bulbs - a documentary about "the most stylish women who have visited" legendary London club Annabel's.

Surely something like what Suki Waterhouse wore would've been a lot more appropriate? Hell, she would've looked better had she come dressed like Harry Styles. Then again, maybe I just don't get it. Like, I REALLY don't get it.

What did you make of the style at 'A String of Naked Light Bulbs'? Are you a fan of Kate's look or do you prefer Suki's relaxed style? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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