Groom's reaction to seeing his bride will make you cry. Promise.

It's hard not to be moved by people displaying raw emotion like this.

Gabriel Deku met his wife Annabelle while the pair attended Portsmouth University four years ago. The two would often meet to study together in the library but it didn't take long for their study dates to blossom into a full-blown romance.

The pair got married on the 14th of May and the video of Annabelle's walk down the aisle is going viral due to Gabriel's outpour of emotion as he sees his bride walk down the aisle.

Gabriel told Buzzfeed that he was in 'disbelief' when he first saw Annabelle coming down the aisle.

“I was thinking ‘My goodness.’ I was in total disbelief that this day had finally come,”

“At the time we met, I had given up hope on this whole love thing,” he said. “I thought this idea of having a life partner who would love and respect me unconditionally was only a story only told in movies. But, I was wrong! True love does exist.”



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