Red Carpet: Hollywood Film Awards

The red carpet for the Hollywood FIlm Awards was quite the beautiful affair with three of our style favs opting for angelic white.

But the heavenly behaviour didn't last that long as Kristen Stewart had to fight the good fight with her Chanel dress that was intent in showing nipple at inappropriate times.


And as for Mr Depp, well, we'll leave you to judge for yourself but he wouldn't have looked out of place in a kebab shop at 4am. I'll havesh ALL the garlic cheesy chips pleaaashhhhh. Here's Johnnnaaaaaay.


The veteran actor was presenting the Hollywood Documentary Award at the HFAs to Shep Gordon, star of the very good rockumentary Supermensch.

But honestly, the red carpet was a much more pleasing affair to regard. Whose style deserves an award (but not presented by Johnny)? My weekly coveting of Keira Knightley's wardrobe is getting out of hand….

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