Irish couple did Ed Sheeran's Thinking Out Loud music vid for first dance, NAILED it

Yesterday it was revealed that Ed Sheeran's Thinking Out Loud was the number one song chosen by married couples for the first dance at their wedding. We'd imagine for most this involves a quick shuffle around the dance floor staring lovingly into each other's eyes, which is nice and all, but one Belfast couple decided to go one step further. Actually, a LOT of steps further.

Mary and Conor Fegan surprised everyone at their wedding last Saturday by re-enacting the famous (and difficult) Ed Sheeran dance in the song's music video, which he performs with dancer Brittany Cherry.

The video quality below isn't exactly top notch, but it still encapsulates how impressive the whole thing was.

Speaking to Belfast Live, 26-year-old Mary said: "We talked about it and then just with so much happening in the run up to the wedding we brushed it under the carpet.

"At the start of June, Conor said to me he would have loved to have done something. So I knew dance teacher Christina Conlon and messaged her to see if she fancied teaching us this. She was up for it and that was the start of it."

In case you think these two are professional dancers either, nope, they're just regular Joe's. Well, Mary danced a little when she was younger, but she said she was surprised Conor remembered it all as he never danced before.


Mary went on to say; "On the day I was so nervous. Everything was in such a time frame and it nearly felt like I had not got a moment to breathe. But once we got into it and everyone was cheering, it was brilliant.

"It seemed to go down well, everyone enjoyed it. Some people had watched the video and others were asking where we came up with it because it was so different."

Right, enough said, just watch...

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