Is This Proposal the Most Inventive of All Time?

Forget asking at concerts - making your own videogame is the way to do things now.

Yes, in the race to make marriage proposals the most annoying thing on the face of the planet, one guy ACTUALLY made a videogame on his laptop that was based on experiences he had with his girlfriend.

The two of them, obviously, are big gaming fans so she was able to work her way through the levels - one of which was underwater and even had the Sonic the Hedgehog underwater panic music.

Ask anyone over the age of 28 who had a MegaDrive when they were younger what that is. It's like PTSD.

Take a look at the video.


Think you'll agree, that's pretty smooth. The 'It's dangerous to go alone - Take this!' bit was an especially nice touch.

At this stage, the arms race for Best Marriage Proposal is just getting silly. Eventually, someone's going to hire skywriters to do it or something and there'll be a tragic accident from the planes colliding. That'll put a stop to all this. Maybe not.

But we want to know about yours? Was it a very romantic and planned proposal or a beautiful spur-of-the-moment affair?

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