If January didn't go exactly to plan, you might need one of these

January is supposed to be a month for new resolutions and new beginnings. If you found it hard to stick to your plans, you can start again this month with the help of a pretty diary.

If you're not a naturally organised person (like me) a diary is a great way to keep yourself on track. I find sometimes I even forget to check my diary but I'm much more likely to use it if I really like it. This year a friend of mine passed on her obsession with pretty diaries. She tends to renew her diary quarterly or every time she finds another one she loves. I'm certainly not that obsessed but I do love a gorgeous year planner to keep in my handbag.

Everyone will have different specifications for their diary. If you are a mum to young kids and your bag has everything from makeup and keys to nappies and dodis in it, you will want something slim and small so that it doesn't take up too much space. Maybe you are a designer of sorts or a real ideas person and you want to use your diary to jot down new thoughts as they come to you? If that's the case you'll want something with plenty of page space, a day on one page or even two pages. Have a think about what will make your diary most practical for you before you invest.

I say invest because a diary can be expensive as I am about to show you. If it's pretty enough you might just be willing to fork out the cash. However, I did come across an extremely budget-friendly and very lovely diary from my old friend Dealz. Check out some of these beautiful '

Check out some of these beautiful 'life-organisers' as we like to call them.

BUSYB_Day_a_Page pretty year planner

Busy B Page a Day Diary 2018 €16.95


pippa pretty diary

Pippa O'Connor's Plan It Planner Undated €45



Dealz A5 Week to View Diary 2018 €1.50


pretty diary dealz

Dealz A5 Day to Page Diary 2018 €1.50


personalised planner

Personalised 'Plan It, List It' Foiled Diary And Planner €31.27


Do you use an old-fashioned write-it-down diary or is everything stored in your phone these days?

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