Jared Leto is officially morphing into Karl Lagerfeld...

WHY didn't we spot it sooner?  We were wondering who else (apart from Draco Malfoy) Jared reminded us of last week when he unveiled his new look, and clearly - as pointed out by beautie Aoife - he's on a mission to bag himself a role in Karl Lagerfeld's biopic (presumably someone's in the midst of writing it, if Karl isn't doing it himself, that is) given they're now dressing alike at Paris Fashion Week.

I mean, here's Jared flanked by some models...

And here's Karl in an almost identical ensemble (apart from the obvious). Isn't it nigh on impossible to tell them apart?!!

All joking aside, at least Karl seems thrilled by the comparison; this is the first time we've ever seen him crack a smile. Like, ever.


 Are you warming to Jared's new look, or did you prefer him as your own personal Jesus?

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