There was SO much drama behind Jennifer Lawrence's Vogue September Issue cover

When the fashion director of Vogue says "It is not a competition", you know it very much is.

Vogue doesn't do anything by halves, so you know that when they landed Jennifer Lawrence for the 125th anniversary edition of their September issue that all the stops would be pulled. But you probably didn't expect this much drama.

The magazine's behind-the-scenes video of the three different shoots for the cover (the fourth cover is a painting) tows a strange line between mockumentary and actual 'making of' footage. However, if you can ignore the lame and very forced attempts at comedy that comes in the form of the "idiot filmmaker", "selfie makeup artist", and the "farm stylist", there's plenty of J.Law goodness and Vogue soap opera to enjoy.

And Jennifer Lawrence telling someone that their question is a ridiculous one to their face isn't something that happens every day.

Honestly, that deserves its very own feature film.

There's also been tons of hoo-hah over the four covers, with many questioning why Jennifer Lawrence was chosen as the cover gal. We say, whatever. Have a gander at the four covers and let us know which one is your favourite.




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