JK Rowling Puts WBC Back In Their Box re Irish #MarriageRef Hate

We've been experiencing something of a beef with the "bigoted minds", but behold a masterclass in boxing off a la JK Rowling, who - has to be said - is usually a source of twitter gold. 

On Friday, the Harry Potter mastermind posted the below celebrating the sweeping Yes win after Friday's referendum...

Then she retweeted a few wonderful sentiments to her 4.6million followers, and responded to various questions...

Her response to this tweet, however, sent Westboro Baptist Church over the edge - we're assuming because it involved potential gay wizardry (she confirmed Dumbledore to be gay a while back) in a land riddled with love and rainbows.


Then this happened... because the likelihood of Dumbledore and Gandalf marrying is high...

Followed by...

And THAT is how it's done. 

In related news, Evanna 'Luna Lovegood' Lynch is attempting to shut down "homophobic trolls" in her feed. She posted the below to her Instagram over the weekend:

"I am making a special request to all of you today in light of an ugly Instagram thread that is really bothering me. Simply, if you are someone who perceives homosexuality as 'disgusting' or 'f--ked up' or 'unnatural,' will you do me a kindness and please unfollow me on all social media platforms. And then block me."


What do you feel is the best course of action when it comes to such trolling? Ignore and maintain a respectful silence, or tackle it head on to send a message to those who feel they have no voice?

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