Juliette Lewis Makes Light of That Unfortunate Pap Snap

See, this is the reason we never want to be super stars.

Not too long ago, Juliette Lewis took her dog for a stroll in a seemingly deserted street. Seeing a window of restructuring opportunity (who hasn't), the actress nipped her hands down her trousers to readjust her pants as they were causing her some issues. That is the ONLY reason she had her hands down her pants. Next thing she knew, the paps were all over it, complete with gifs.

Ah, the covert leg cock. We know it too well. Not being one to take herself too seriously, she made light of the experience by asking her 'Meerkats' (that being her crew) to comeĀ up with some amazing memes...


Ever been caught rapid adjusting yourself on the sly?

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