Kendall Jenner Celebrated Turning 20 With a Photo Booth Photo Shoot

Of course there was a photo booth. Kanye probably insisted on it - not that you'd catch him smiling in it, or anything.

Then again, not many of the Krew did much smiling - to start with anyway...

They loosened up a bit as time went on...

Others in attendance include Ruby Rose, Drake, and Hailey Baldwin.


There are oodles more, but you catch the drift. In fact, the only person who didn't upload any pics to their Instagram of Kenny's 20th was Kendall herself.

For those of you on this page merely to see what Kenny chose to wear to embark on her twenties, it was pretty special - a custom Sergio Hudson jumpsuit.

Do you recall what you wore to your 20th? Personally it was sky blue Farah bell bottoms, shell toed Adidas and a Diesel T-Shirt.



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