Leighton Meester Looks Blooming Lovely Expecting First Baba

When 'Blair' and 'Cohen' started dating, we're not going to lie, we were a bit devastated. Then, when they got married, we were marginally happy for them, because they were serious about each other - it wasn't just a fling to make us jealous.

And now here comes the inevitable news that they're having a baby - and we couldn't be happier for them because Blair looks so damn thrilled!

29-year-old Leighton Meester and 35-year-old Adam Brody met on the set of The Oranges in 2011. They then got married on the sly in February 2014. 


As for how many kids they're going to have (because getting the first one out isn't ordeal enough), Brody said: "I say twelve. And I decide!"


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