Let's talk fascinators: nice or naff? Plus an er "sneak peek" from Coast

Kate Middleton is singlehandedly credited with the fascinator revival.  She obviously gets invited to a LOT of weddings and she's never sighted at one without a little bit of fluff, lace. feathers (or all three) balanced at the side of her head.

Or a tiny little side hat.

Now before Kate became famous during her long relationship with Wills fascinators had had their day.  And that day was widely agreed to be in the 1980s.

But Kate's brought them back into widespread popularity and I'm dying to know what your views on them are.  They cost an absolute fortune for what in many cases amounts to a piece of net glued to a hairband.  Obviously a lot of them are more sophisticated with more going on than that - but a lot of them aren't.

By a blessed crossing of stars in the heavens (or er something like that) as I was writing these very words and busily going on to the Debenhams and Coast websites to peruse "what's hot and overpriced in fascinators",  an email FULL of fascinators from Coast popped into my inbox.


So here are some strange pictures of poor freezing models, gamely pretending not to be dying of hypothermia while sporting this summers must have wedding and racing fascinators.

And a random grim faced aul lad who at least is dressed for the weather.  Look at him and everyone else in their cosy padded jackets with their hoods up and you realise how cold it actually must have been.

And it doesn't get any better.  The sandals are sinking so far into the turf that they should be holding up an Australia sign and the dresses still don't fit.  Madrid looks like she's about to turn blue with cold and to make matters worse it looks as though her fascinator may have blown away. 


Oh cripes!

But let's get back to the subject at hand.  What thinkest thou of fascinators?  Love or Hate?

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