Lisa Eldridge Vs Pixiwoo: You Tube can be a nasty place

On Saturday the very lovely makeup artist Lisa Eldridge  posted this remark on her Facebook page.

Seriously thinking of stopping putting up videos on youtube as my background, poster frame style, content, personal make-up philosophy and just about everything else is now being completely ripped off..... wish they would get their own ideas...

I recognized this instantly for what it was when it was discussed on the Blather today.  It was just the frustrated thoughts of someone who is sick to the back teeth of being copied.  Of seeing their original ideas ripped off and presented by others.  So she was fed up.  She didn't mention any names.  She didn't blame anyone.  And she was very mild in what she said.

Instantly her fans jumped in to protect and champion her but a minority went too far and began to attack Pixiewoo, believing them to be the copycats.  And in anyways it seemed to be something to do with spot concealing videos that were quite similar.


And for the record we think Pixiwoo are very lovely and talented also, so I didn't read any of the YouTube comments or finish reading the Facebook comments.  I never read YouTube comments - I value my sanity too much.  And I don't know enough of these women's work to know anything about who (if anyone) might be copying who - but copying is a fact of life on the Internet.  It's frustrating and sometimes soul destroying, but it

There were calls for Lisa to take the Facebook post down.  People didn't feel she should be saying these things, that they were irresponsible and petty.  WHAT THINGS?  She just spoke about how she was feeling.

Neither Pixiwoo or Lisa Eldridge have said a word - they can't. Everything they do say will be twisted and held against them anyway, people will think what they want to think, so just let em at it.

YouTube seems to be the worst place for unbridled venom and that's  one of the big reasons that you need to have a set of balls on you to enter that arena in the first place.  Entire forums exist to vent rage, spite and pure nastiness about YouTube make up artists.  It's one of the most vicious places for anonymous commenters ever.

But the work that Lisa Eldridge and Pixiwoo do is great and I hope neither of them will be put off by this.  Put down the dueling  mascaras, fans you're not helping those you love.  Let's have a ceasefire.




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