A little Irish boy Vincent needs €500,000 for a life worth living. Can you help?

Little Vincent Lyons needs to raise €500,00 to give him a life worth living #Victory4Vincent

We recently encountered the story of Vincent Lyons, a seven-year-old Irish boy with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy that really touched our hearts.

Vincent was diagnosed with rare genetic disease Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy that causes weakness and loss of muscle mass in January 2017.  The terrible, rare, incurable condition can impact on a child’s ability to walk, to breathe and to swallow, and without medical intervention, its impact can be very serious.


There is a medication that would help manage symptoms and slow the course of the disease, but the drug is not on the HSE list, so it's not available to Vincent. The great news is, the drug can be shipped to Ireland and Temple Street Children's Hospital has agreed to administer it. The bad news is the medication is very, very expensive; for just one year, it costs €440,000 - and Vincent's family must fund the cost themselves.

Vincent can live a far more comfortable life with this medication - and we can all help. Donate now on his Go Fund Me page here. Read more on Vincent's plight on his Facebook page or on his website victory4vincent.com.

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