Bras for small boobs: to pad or not to pad that is the question.

I don’t have to invest in my breasts as they are t –t –tiny, but I try to keep them toned so that they don’t have that orange in the end of a sock look (or in my case, a mandarin). So Pinky and Perky still sit quite high, but have to spend most of their time in a 32A bra. 

Except when I am wearing something that needs a bit of va va voom, and then I pull out what I like to call, The Big Boobs Bra. This bra, from Penneys, claims to triple the size of your boobs. Now I am pretty sure that tripling the size of mine makes very little impact, but The Big Boobs Bra is handy if you fall over, as it is so padded you just bounce right back up! It also probably weights more than my boobs! It's actually called the Maximise your Assets Bra.

But the rest of the time I just make sure my boobs are comfortable, so they are either braless (I know, shame on me), or in a regular bra. Some women hate padded bras and feel like a fake when they take off their boobs off at night, but I like the streamlined look of them under clothes and find them very comfortable.  And I only wear the spectacularly padded ones at night time!

Remember, you have the option -  a little extra enhancement under a particular outfit will change the whole look so you can choose to wear bras with as much or as little padding as you want.

But, if a padded bra is what you are looking for then there are lots out there. Penneys, Dunnes and Marks and Spencers all do a huge range and are very cheap. Wonderbra are still top of their game in styling.


I digress for a moment, but do you hate when bras come as part of a set? I always seem to dislike the briefs because of the fabric. If I am going to stick a bit of lace up my bum for the day, could you make it in cotton please?

Anyhoo, it is also worth remembering Granny’s advice - stand up straight, shoulders back. This tip alone can be worth a cup size!

What you wear can also make a huge difference. Choose clothes that make the most of your shape. Fitted but not tight, and try on different necklines to see what flatters your particular body shape the most. A ruched style top that gathers across the bust area will flatter, as will empire line and high neck tops look really good. In fact some clothes can look better worn by flat chested women as they may hang better.

And hey, enjoy your small size. Smaller women don’t suffer from back pain from heavy breasts or have trouble with running, they can sleep on their stomachs, and sagging is less compared to larger women. You don’t have to wear uncomfortable underwired bras and you don’t have to pay a small fortune for them either.


So are you a padded girl or not?

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