Much loved EastEnders character on his way back to the square

Fans and non-fans of EastEnders alike will all know this face, sure he was even a bit of a 'pin-up' back in the nineties... well, sort of. Smash Hits had posters of him but whether you pinned them up or not is your own business.

The one and only Robbie Jackson will be returning to Albert Square shortly as it's emerged that actor Dean Gaffney will reprise his EastEnders role over the coming weeks.

Gaffney played the hapless Robbie on the soap from 1993 before being axed in 2003 and has since returned briefly in 2004, 2010 and most recently in 2015 for his mum Carol Jackson's (Lindsay Coulson's) exit storyline.

There he is now, with his bestest bud Wellard.


Of his return, Gaffney said: "I'm really happy to be back. I'm so lucky to be given the chance to work again with such a talented group of people. I think it's going to be a lot of fun."

Executive producer Sean O'Connor said: "I'm thrilled to welcome back Dean as Robbie Jackson, one of EastEnders' most loved and most popular characters.

"Bridge Street Market has never quite been the same without Robbie policing it in his hi-viz jacket.

"Dean brings a wonderful warmth and fun to his portrayal of Robbie, and I'm sure that audiences will take him to their hearts again, just as they have always done."

The last we saw of Robbie, he had split from his wife Nita and had decided to move to Milton Keynes with his son Sami for a fresh start along with Wellard II (the new dog Carol gave them when she left). We have yet to find out what will bring him back to the square, but we're looking forward to watching whatever shenanigans this character will inevitably get up to.


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