Naww! Justin Posts Very Sweet Birthday Message to Jessica

The message is very sweet; the accompanying picture is a bit mad, but maybe I'm just still in dream mode. He looks LIKE A GIANT. She's obviously sitting down... ither way, she's hugging him around the thighs and he couldn't be happier.


Silly quibbles aside; the caption is really lovely. You can actually hear him say it. True fans may even be able to hear him sing it, if they listen carefully. It reads:

"Happy Bday to the sweetest, most GORGEOUS, goofiest, most BAD-ASS chick I know. You make me smile 'til it hurts. I love you like crazy! -Your Huz"


The singer visited Jessica on the set of her upcoming film, The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, in New Orleans over the weekend.

So, how do you feel about internet PDAs? Would you love to receive a similar birthday post, or would you prefer to have it avec ear mumbling and eye contact?

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