No one turned up to Bey's Ivy Park launch

It's OK, don't feel too sorry for Queen Bey - as you can see, a load of people turned up to the launch in London's Top Shop, and seemingly the website crashed with the sheer volume of people trying to purchase her new range of athleisure wear online.

An intrepid soul from Cosmopolitan snapchatted the hour leading up the New York launch, resulting in a hilarious string of photos chronicling nothing happening. Though, to be fair, three people did turn up 15 minutes before the doors opened at 10am.

Speaking of the lack of turnout, Cornelous Danzey, Topshop's creative brand manager, said. "I was thinking people would be lined up down the block. I follow Beyoncé on Instagram and everyone's raving about Ivy Park... I think we made it apparent that Ivy Park is now a part of Topshop's brand. It's not just a one-week collaboration that's going to sell out and disappear - this is going to be with us continually throughout the season. The clothing in other store collaborations are very theatrical, but this line is more wearable. It's all about comfort and it's not about show."


Cornelous is totally right, Ivy Park is officially THE most popular brand on Instagram. Thomas Rankin, CEO of Dash Hudson, told Mashable: "We've never seen this before and it's a unique moment in time. We haven't seen this kind of engagement in the past from any other brand." Which is quite impressive - especially considering the Instagrampaign (I'm patenting that) isn't exactly friendly to epileptics out there... (you've been warned).

Us Weekly
reports: "Ivy Park’s rate is seven times higher than Brandy Melville (at 3.4 percent) and Rolex (which boasts a 3.39 percentage) and VS Pink (who comes in at 3.1 percent). Bey’s brand, which has 137,000 Instagram followers and counting, has also helped bump Topshop’s Instagram presence by 50 percent on posts that involve the 34-year-old 'Formation' singer’s line."

Have you checked it out yet? It's all going on over at

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