Oh Goodie, There's Already an X Factor Scandal

Who cares that two of Rita Ora's backing dancers have been fast tracked to boot camp? Hey, if they're talented enough, what's the problem?! And so on.

For those who do care, and are under the impression that the X Factor is never fixed, here's what's being reported this morning. Identical twin sisters, Polly and Sophie Duniam, reportedly sang for the four judges - Cowell, Cheryl, Nick Grimshaw, and indeed Rita Ora - and seemingly they were all impressed as the 28-year-olds sailed through the auditions. Rita even allegedly joked: "This means you can't go on tour with me now."

Despite the resulting "furore", IBTimes.co.uk are reporting that: "show bosses insist that the act got through on their own merit and denied any wrongdoing. Sophie and Polly have toured with the RIP singer and also appeared in the video for her UK number one single, I Will Never Let You Down."


So, are you surprised? Do you think it's a fix (but, then again, why would Rita want to lose two dancers...) or do you care?

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