Out With the Suits! David Letterman Embraces 'Retirement-Chic'

He's spent decades being the sharp suited, clean shaven, quippy talk show host - a leading light in late night entertainment. And now he's retired. If we were retired, we'd look like this too. We particularly like his choice of Carhartt sweatshirt. Very 90s chic.

According to Us Weekly, "the 68-year-old was enjoying a casual stroll with his 11-year-old son, Henry."

Should he choose to keep the impressive and covetable beardage, he can also double as Santa for young Henry come Christmas!


When we're not working, don't we all love to just hang out in something comfy?  I've a pair of grey cuffed PJ bottoms that pass for tracksuit bottoms when stuffed into a pair of boots, and casual trousers when teamed with sandals. It shouldn't work, but it does. And it's fierce handy when you've to run out the door to collect the nipper.

What's your favourite house-come-street wear?

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