Pics: Penneys Opened in States Today With Massive Queues

What's the one thing America needed?

Yes, of course, a Penneys. Well, Primark to be exact, but it's one in the same. The first store opened up in Boston today, and judging by the photos it looks like the place will be as much of a hit over there as it is here.

The store looks a bit cooler than any of the ones we've been to on this side of the water.


But at least the prices and the clothes seem pretty similar, so we're not missing out on anything.

Look, they even have tack over there too. Turns out the Bostonians aren't too far ahead of us after all.


Next stop on the Primark US tour is Philly, we hear. And with celeb fans like Emily Ratajowski already wearing their gear (you can check her picks out here), Primark is going super size.

Sure, how else are we going to replace our clothes on the J1? And it'll only be a matter of time before we hear our Atlantic cousins having the conversation that goes like this: 'Hey, your sweater is awesome'. 'Thanks - Primark, ten dollars'.

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