Pregnant Liv Tyler rocks a pair of dungarees

Pregnant women sporting dungarees has become something of a running joke. For example, I've lost count of the amount of times I've heard "Congrats, your pregnant! When are you going to start rocking your dungarees?!" It's not something I'd relish, being rather squat in stature they would be particularly unforgiving in my current state.

But check out Liv Tyler. She looks like a goddess. It helps being tall. And being Liv Tyler.

This will be Liv's third child, her second with fiancee David Gardner (he's a UK football agent). She gave birth to one-year-old Sailor last year, and has 11-year-old son Milo from a previous relationship. The news broke of this pregnancy back in January.

Liv is reportedly considering a more permanent move to the UK as David is based there. Given the current balmy conditions this side of the Atlantic, she best lap up her LA belly-out sojourns while she can!


☀️🌺ðŸ'¯ LA afternoon walks with ma-baby and my frank #frankierayder

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Has anyone got a staple pair of dungarees as part of their maternity wardrobe? Or, if you were pregnant, would you consider wearing them?

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