Saoirse Ronan teaches Americans to make tea

Never say Vanity Fair isn't highbrow - NEVER!

In addition to their 'moody' Hollywood Issue, Vanity Fair have enlisted their cover stars to impart some life tips they've garnered. Saoirse Ronan teaches Americans how to make a grand cuppa taeee, and includes such helpful hints as "don't put the teabag directly into the kettle, that's wrong." She also gives a geography lesson regarding exactly where Ireland is, and points out that it's the "centre of the universe".

Brie Larson has a secret love for Typography, which she chronicles here...



Cate Blanchett's 'secret talent' should probably remain a secret... She does the splits and it looks like she pulls something.


As for Diane Keaton's secret talent, there doesn't appear to be a video uploaded featuring her as yet, but her secret talent is obviously 'How to Outshine 12 Hollywood Greats on a Vanity Fair Cover'...

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