Shocking self by feeling unlikely love for Keira Knightly: ballet slippers, wedding dress, ray bans

I'm sad to say that I  find Keira Knightly an almighty pain in the hoop.  She usually wears a scowl on her face that would put Kristen Stewart to shame.  Plus in her interviews she seems so sour and snappy.

She ruined The Duchess for me and I found it hard to forgive her for that.

Until now!


Keira got married to James from the Klaxons in France at the weekend and when I saw the pictures of her in her wedding guna I was so surprised.  Pretty, girly and relaxed (check out the shades!) - and it looks like she's wearing a dress SHE WORE BEFORE!


And they drove away from the wedding in a RENAULT CLIO!

Stop the presses.  This is all absolutely UNHEARD of for a Hollywood A lister.  Apparently she wore this Chanel dress back in 2008 and although it's been remodeled, you can see from the first shot that it is the same dress.  Chanel have confirmed that it's from their 2006 haute couture collection - making it more and more likely that it's the same one

So two birds with one stone there Keira.  A most unlikely nod to recessionista chic and most importantly you look really happy.

Pass me the tissues someone.  Weddings always make me cry.

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