So the ultimate wedding band played at a wedding in Derry this weekend...

Ed Sheeran’s songs are reportedly the most frequently played at weddings. After a stunt like this, he’ll probably be the most popular live performer at weddings too.

Sheeran attended the wedding with Snow Patrol’s Johnny McDaid and his fiancée, Friends star Courtney Cox, also present.

McDaid and Cox were seen in a restaurant in Johnny’s home-town of Derry over the weekend. The two were reportedly ‘being congratulated’, thus sparking rumours that they had tied the knot here (Cox was also over to film Running Wild with Bear Grylls in the Irish countryside).

However, it quickly emerged that the wedding they were attending was not their own but McDaid’s younger sister, Brid’s, which Sheeran and Johnny's bandmates also came over to attend.

The gang then came together for a special rendition of Snow Patrol’s hit song Chasing Cars.


The ceremony took place on Friday at the Beechill Hotel in Ardmore.

Via Mirror

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