Taylor Swift & Rita Ora Respond to Ariana Grande's 'Sisterhood' Tweet

Yesterday, Ariana Grande managed to address ongoing double standards between the sexes with one lone tweet. Now, it happened to be one of those very long tweets - but when it comes to such subject matter, time and consideration needs to be engaged.

Ariana, who has just recently split from Big Sean and then now rumoured to be dating Niall Horan (purely because they spend time in each others' presence), came across with the following amid reporters constantly requesting her relationship status in interviews, despite her having "so much more to talk about."

Ariana's tweet has en massed almost 100,000 favourites, and motivated responses from cohorts Taylor Swift and Rita Ora...


The excerpt that'll perhaps resonate most is the following:

"I want the people reading to know that they are MORE THAN ENOUGH on their own. I want the media to help me with this!!! Please support each other. I'm saying this after literally eight years of feeling I had to have a boy at my side. After being on my own now for a few months that that's just not the case... I have never felt more present, grounded and satisfied. I have never laughed harder or had more fun or enjoyed my life more.... 'Any woman who chooses to behave like a full human being should be warned that the armies of the status quo will treat her as something of a dirty joke. She will need her sisterhood...' Gloria Steinem."

Have you ever felt defined by a relationship? Or is it something that's never crossed your mind?

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