The Royal Wedding Elephant in the Corner: Discuss


If you're fed up with the blimmin' Royal Wedding this Friday - and we're at a remove from the process - then spare a thought for our UK sisters, for it's pretty much blanket coverage over there: Sky News is loosing its proverbial over the whole thing (of course it is), there's gonna be street parties galore and more tat-based memorabilia than you could shake a stick at. But they do get a day off, which'll help.

And sure. Sure, I'm enough interested to check out the dress but apart from that I'm not too bothered. Except for this little factoid. Irish wedding site recently ran a survey which revealed that these days, Irish brides are more likely to hire a makeup artist than a professional florist.

Kate Middleton apparently feels differently - according to Yahoo site Shine, it looks like she threw the few bob at the bouquets and she's going to do her own slap on the biggest day of her life. Y'know, the one that's gonna be beamed globally and watched by jillions. Everywhere. Probably even up in space. Oh dear. Shine reports that she "took private classes with makeup artist Arabella Preston to ensure she could nail the look herself." Hmm. Yeah.


What do you reckon?  Good plan? Bad plan? And if you're married or planning it, what did/are you going to do?

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