This One Directioner has Just Become the Toast of the Fashion Scene

We should've seen this coming, but it's still something of a surprise. According to The Guardian, Zayn Malik is bursting forth all over the fashion scene, much to the delight to those on circuit. His presence at Paris Fashion Week was the talk of the event, with a typical comment reportedly being "So handsome it’s ridiculous. Have you seen his eyes? Oh. My. God.”

Not only did he reportedly shirk Glastonbury in favour of strutting about Paris Fashion Week, also managed to make the Saturday night headliner crack something along the lines of a smile before "the greatest living rockstar on the planet" did his set.

Prior to sidling up to the Louis Vuitton fashion show, with Kanye and Joe Jonas...

Zayn also enjoyed the company of Jonas... and a suitably tanned gentleman at the front row for Valentino...


And then he happily posed outside for a wall of photographers...

Any thoughts on Zayn's new incarnation? Would you buy him as a fashion designer...?

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