Top 5 Galleries of The Past Week

Awards season is in full swing and we are loving it. We don't know who has won what mind, but we know that Jennifer Aniston finally stepped out of her all-black comfort zone and dazzled in gold at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Hawt.

It's wasn't only awards shows keeping us glued to the galleries last week, Paris Fashion Week took place and we couldn't keep our eyes off the style. If Kate Hudson is anyone to be believed we'll all be dressed in skintight red gunás with a heap of cutouts later in the year.

Awards and fashion aside, the LA premiere of Mortdecai taught us that Johnny Depp needs to up his style game or we might stop fancying him and Gwyneth Paltrow does good earrings.

1. We thought the Golden Globes were good...

...but the style on THIS red carpet may have topped it!

2. Kris Jenner turned up to the NTAs

And the red carpet wasn't the better for it. 

3. Paris Fashion Week took off

We had the looks all the looks from the Versace guests.



4. Jennifer Lawrence stole the show at the Producers Guild Awards

but she wasn't the only one that stunned.

5. The film might not be any good

The looks on the red carpet may have made up for it

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