Vanessa Paradis Sent Johnny & Amber The Best Wedding Present

Fair play to Vanessa Paradis for sending anything to acknowledge the day. If it were me I'd be over the other side of the planet pretending to all and sundry that I'd no idea anyone - never mind a hot Hollywood actress in her twenties - was getting married to my partner of 14 years with whom I had two children. 

Not Vanessa. She instead opted to show something resembling a wicked sense of humour by sending the happy couple a kitchen appliance. More specifically - a toaster. Well, what else was she going to send; she couldn't pretend she didn't know anything about the nuptials given it was all over the news, her two children were obviously going to be there, and, ah, she was sent an invite. 

It may be the blandest wedding present in existence but at least it's functional. Hey, every cloud. 

Johnny and Amber were married at their Los Angeles home on Tuesday, February 3rd and the couple tied the knot for a second time on February 7th at Amber Beach on the star's £2.4 million private island, Little Hall's Pond Cay, on the Bahamas.


If you were in Vanessa's shoes, what would you give the happy couple? A toaster, a yacht, or a jovial two fingers?

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