Wardrobe ENVY: Taylor Swift has 20 Outfit Changes in 'Blank Space' Video...

Yes, most of them are of the 'blink and you'll miss it' variety, but Taylor has 20 outfit changes in her new 'Blank Space' video and I am somewhat jealous of the extent of her wardrobe. (And you can check out our style her steal article here).

And yep, I have them all here for you to ogle. You can either watch the video - which was released "by mistake" by her management company yesterday, or you can just have a wee scroll of proceedings here. In order of appearance we have lingerie, black lace, evening dress, cocktail dress, formal shorts astride a bike, another dress… *eyes own outfit and sticks out bottom lip*


Now that's what we call a wardrobe budget.

Any of these in particular catching your eye? And can YOU balance on a horse?

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