Watch: Channing Tatum Twerking On a Float at L.A. Gay Pride

As promotional tours go, this one for Magic Mike XXL is really going above and beyond. Tatum previously got dressed up as a creepy marketing manager at a "private screening", sending the handful of lucky participants into meltdown when he later revealed himself, but this is far more fun from a mass spectator's point of view. Even the disco balls must be thrilled.

He also busted out some more family friendly dance moves, because it can't all be booty popping, ya know.

Oh, and Matt Bomer is there too, but no one really noticed on account of the above floor show...


And back to Channing....

If you were looking for some actual nudity, sorry about that. By way of a compromise, here are the cast on Kimmel last night talking about what it's like seeing each other naked.

Will you be heading along to see Magic Mike XXL?

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