Wedding inspiration: Ice T and Coco show us how to pull it of with style and class

Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful times of any woman's life.

As she prepares to launch into wedded bliss she is expected to provide guests with a day to remember - and the bride feels under huge pressure to look stunning.

So just by following a few golden rules provided by Ice T and his bride Coco (who renewed their wedding vows as a publicity stunt to promote their new reality show) glamour and excitement are easily achievable

  • First though be prepared to spend A FORTUNE.  It takes serious money to look this cheap.
  • Porn Barbie is the look every little girl dreams off - so why not go for that?
  • Book yourself in for a massive boob job.  A humongous one.  Possibly you will need two as judging from Coco's really weird cleavage she looks as though she has one set sitting on top of another
  • Instruct the makeup artist to quite literally trowel it on.  And in case she doesn't understand actually hand her a trowel.  Fix her with your steely gaze and point her towards a shedload  of blue eyeshadow.  The fembot Martian in Mars Attacks is an aspirational style.  Wheels optional
  • Instruct the hairdresser to affix the longest longest Rapunzel style extensions she's got.  And if she doesn't have them, get her to order them in RIGHT NOW - you must scream to get your point across.
  • Get your gown custom made.  It must cost the GDP of a small county and your gansta rapper husband, Ice T (SUV) must be custom dressed to match.  No expense spared on the Swarovskis
  • Last minute cosmetic surgery, botox and a horrible reverse mani and you're done.
  • Provide a sprinkling of er glamorous guests (everyone must get their boob jobs and bling out) and lets get this party started!


Isn't this the most divine fairytale wedding look?

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