I say vagina you say... foo foo?! What the hell do you call yours?

I have a very serious and important question for everyone:

What do you call your downstairs lady-parts?

Vagina is too medical for me, fanny is too hilarious, pussy is too pornified and c**t is just too violent (I can’t even TYPE that word!)

So I call mine my gash.

I’m not sure how this moniker got started, but that’s the word my close friends all use as well.

“What are you doing today?”

“Oh, just off to get my gash waxed.”


I know what you’re going to say: ‘Gash makes it sound like a wound for God’s sake!’

fanny modestly covered with leaf

But it’s descriptive without being TOO descriptive, and it works for the whole apparatus. (Whereas something like ‘flaps’ really just refers to the labia, right?) Plus it sounds friendly to me!

There are infinity possible answers to this question, and not one of them is wrong. If you’re Irish there are a few absolute gems. Gee is one of my favorites, but somehow it just doesn’t describe my own! Oprah calls hers her va-jay-jay, and I usually do whatever Oprah tells me, but it’s a bit too cutesy for me. Like-wise hoo-haa. (Bit vague as well!)

So what do you call yours? And do you have any slang for other parts of your anatomy?




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