Why the New Moschino Barbie Ad is Important to See

Matel, in the wake of Lamilly's dolls, have been on a quest to showcase just how forward thinking they are. We had the "Imagine the possibilities" ad, and now we've a plucky young fellah - with some amazing hair - expressing his joy at the new Barbie collaboration with Moschino ("Moschino Barbie is so fierce!"). And it seems I've been pronouncing Moschino wrong all of these years.

Moschino's Jeremy Scott took to his Instagram to announce that the collection is sold out "MOSCHINO BARBIE SOLD OUT IN LESS THAN AN HOUR ! WOW ! BARBIE AND I THANK U FOR ALL THE LOVE ! #MOSCHINOBARBIE!"


Now just imagine the hysteria if Balmain hooked up with Barbie...

Is this the first time that advertising has created a gender balanced campaign for a doll? Are we finally moving away from the pink and blue aisles? We'd love to hear your thoughts.

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