Why this baby's unique name has divided the opinion of a nation

What will be the name that we hear shouted around playgrounds in five years time? Sertia (rhymes with inertia, remember), come in for your tea! Donald, c'mere and let me brush your mullet-y hair!

There are a myriad of possibilities but there's one kid on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia that is going to have one helluva unique name. Meet KVIIIlyn, the child who is set for a life of 'how do you pronounce that?'.

The debate began when one Reddit user was reading a magazine and came across a letter from a lady who had named her baby “KVIIIlyn”. Look, she loves Roman numerals and Kaitlyn just didn't cut it for her.

The pic was then posted on Imgur with the caption 'Surely a form of child abuse?' which might just be a tad of an over reaction.


Surely a form of child abuse?


It sparked quite the debate as to whether such unique names are a good idea, given the impact they can have on the lives of those who carry them. I mean, on one hand, I can guarantee you that KVIIIlyn will never find a fridge magnet with her name on it. But on the other, she will never suffer the indignity of being differentiated from the other KVIIIlyn in her class by being referred to 'Nice KVIIIlyn' or 'Bossy KVIIlyn'. Children can be such cruel creatures.


The Reddit discussion was great craic from an Irish perspective, though. Look away now if your name is Niamh.


Do you have an unusual name that you love?
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