Will Ferrell Schooled People On Snakes. How Did You Spend Paddy's Day?

Will Ferrell - always with the safety first. Did you know that every St Patrick's Day, he puts on his outfit and "walks the streets of New York, educating people on the dangers of snakes." How's that for being an upstanding human being. Especially since "there's been 36,000 snake attacks in New York City" in the last year. 
As part of his awareness campaign, Ferrell sings his own specially adopted variation of Danny Boy, which involves such snippets of advice regarding what part of densely populated areas of the city where the snake attacks are most rife (in certain areas, the snakes even wear skinny jeans to blend into the populace).

Presumably Will made this up on the spot, such is his genius.


How did you spend yesterday? Assuming you weren't patrolling the streets of your locality on the hunt for snakes.

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