You are going to be so grateful for next season's jeans trend

Comfort and joy! For a/w 17, jeans will be back to the original plan.

In a hundred years' time, when whatever media outlet of the time is giving a run-down of the past century's fashions, the lads and ladies of the twenty-teens will be wearing jeggings. Quite possibly one of the worst garments to ever have been designed, jeggings are what we'll be remembered for wearing.

Not counting the denim look legging (because, to us, they were just a nightmare that never actually happened), the jegging was the final incarnation of the skinny jean evolution. I own loads of them, naturally. We all do! But that doesn't stop them from being cheap looking and unflattering.

We bought them and wore them because that's what Kate Moss told us to do. She looked amazing in them. We would too.

Ross Robinson / WENN

Or would we...?

For the most part, no, and that's the simple fact. Jeggings do not suit most people. Jeans, on the other hand, do, and next season's jeans trend is just that. Jeans.


We're going back to basics for a/w 17 with denim trousers that are closer to the original Levi's design. They're sturdier than the jeans we've grown accustomed too, with thicker material and belt lines, and firmer pockets on the back. The other pockets  - there'll be about five of them - could possibly be secured by rivets.

Next seasons jeans can be skinny - not all of us are ready to abandon the style just yet - but 'mom' or 'boyfriend' styles aka the type of jeans we wore in the 1990s will also soar in popularity. There won't be as much 'distress' or embellishment or rips. In short, the jeans of the next season, are jeans. No need to pick up some vintage Wranglers, though, you can find jeans jeans firmly on the high street.

zara jeans aw17

Zara €29.95

topshop jeans aw17

Topshop €55

hm jeans aw17

H&M €39.99


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