Guest at a Three Day Wedding? Fear Not, We're Here to Help!

Weddings are getting longer and longer affairs. For my nuptials, I didn't go down the day-before-the-wedding day and day after festival like some of those that I've attended. And they are incredibly expensive.

See to me, they are an ordeal, both in terms of packing and planning. And I'm not even go to go into how I feel about the cost of the whole thing. And that's as a guest. Two nights in a hotel (which is never cheap no matter how much the "wedding rate" is), drinks, food and petrol, and in some cases flights. When I go to weddings, I like to leave my passport at home. 

Now I am not the wedding grinch, but I have become a bit of a sceptic after planning my own big day and attending over 20 weddings in the last four years. But one thing I do want to share is the packing and planning element. If you are off on a mini-break to a wedding, you need to get organised to have the right fashion choices with you and not break into a sweat on the night before because you forgot the shoes that match the only dress you have packed. So I am here to help.

Right, let's get straight to it. 

  • A carry on size suitcase is all you need

Suitcases, €79 each by Tripp at Debenhams Suitcases, €79 each by Tripp at Debenhams

You do not need to pack a 23kg bag for three days. As much as we like to pack everything we own into our bag, you simply do not need it. Smaller bags and cases are a key thing here. The smaller bag choice you bring, the less you can fit in it. Hence, making the whole thing rather efficient. So make the case choice first. 

  • Packing on your bed

Keep it casual for travelling like Karlie! Keep it casual for travelling like Karlie!

Take out everything you need to bring, i.e. the necessities/cannot live without items. These include the outfit for the day of the wedding, shoes and all accessories and put them in one pile. That is one day's outfit, as you are not going to change. Also add to this, your flat shoes. You will definitely be changing into these at some point.

Put the outfit you intend to travel in, the outfit for the night before, and the day after all in small piles like you did for the wedding outfit. Don't forget to add in underwear for each one too, as well as any tights you might need. Now you have each outfit pre-planned. 

  • You do not need five pairs of shoes

We love a nude shoe to match everything! These ones are from Dune, €120 We love a nude shoe to match everything! These ones are from Dune, €120

Shoes are a space killer in suitcases. You need to make sure you can style up the same shoes with more than one outfit. The wedding day is the exception, but if you can wear those shoes for the day after, even better.

Wearing the wedding outfit shoes to the night before is also a great way to break them in if they are new so they are extra comfy for the big day. No one likes squished toes or blister-covered heels. Wear your flats for the journey and so you basically, you only need to pack one pair. 

  • Toiletries and make up 

what's in my makeup bag? Just the one bag!

Even if you are not doing plane travel, pack the fun size of all your toiletries. Just so you can fit the whole lot, including your make up in the one wash bag. BUT Keep your make up brushes separate just so they stay clean. You don't need the entire contents of your make up drawer either. I used to pack about five different eye palettes so no reason at all, other than I liked to lay them all out nicely on the shelf in the hotel bathroom. Silly. One is plenty, of everything. I do however, think two different lip shades is a good thing to have packed. One light, one dark or with a stronger pigment for day and night. 

  • Everything else

InStyler 32mm Silver Retail Box White Background

You don't need your gym gear. I used to bring it everywhere with me, but never used the fancy gym in the hotels at all. I preferred to take a bath with unlimited hot water, lie in the massive king size bed having a snooze and eating several helpings of the buffet breakfast. Perhaps just your runners if you fancy a stroll. Always pack a jacket, you never know what the weather is going to do next, so prepare for the apocalypse just in case the heavens open. You should be able to close your case with absolute ease. No having to sit on it, or stress the zip. That's the sign of packing way too much. I also used to bring my own hair dryer. Most hotels have decent ones now, so leave the 2800 Watt oversize electronics at home. Just the tools you need to style your hair. I love the In Styler, it does piles of things in one gadget. 


So that's it, easy isn't it? Now in case I've left out a trick or two, what are your favourite tips for packing for those everlasting wedding trips? Share please so I can write them down! 

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